Kaikoura Kayaks

Kaikoura Kayaks

Last updated 1st Jun 2020

Kaikoura's Original Kayak Operator - Est 1998

Experience the excitement of watching Fur Seals ducking, weaving and diving around your kayak on a guided wildlife experience with Kaikoura Kayaks. 

Paddle gently along with them as they swim around the Kaikoura Peninsula hunting for their favourite feed of Octopus. But be sure to keep your distance as they devour their delicious dinner in front of you, then watch in amazement as hundreds of Pelagic (ocean going) birds swoop in to clean up the tasty left-overs. 

This adventure around the beautiful coastal waters takes in the breath-taking views of sheer cliff faces, craggy rocks and mountain ranges while searching for chance encounters with Dusky Dolphins and Blue Penguins. This fun tour is suitable for all ages and abilities while operating year round and doesn't require any previous kayaking experience. Encounter a diverse range of wildlife on the New Zealand coastline and see some of the country's most beautiful animals.