Dunlea Products / Mudgway Trailers

Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers is an established family owned and run company. The business was established in 1985 with Ross Dunlea repairing chainsaws and lawn mowers and doing other light engineering work. The company now employs 21 staff, in addition to managing directors Jill and Shane Dunlea. Based in Kaikoura the company is an engineering and manufacturing based business; the engineering division of the company services the rural, farming, fishing and tourist businesses, they manufacture farm gates, bale feeders & farm trailers. Dunlea products is also involved a wide range of projects based in and around Kaikoura. The boat division of the company manufactures alloy boats from 8.5 metres upwards. We manufacture "Mudgway" boat and car trailers delivering them to clients throughout New Zealand. The company also operates a retail outlet selling Stihl and Husqvarna outdoor power products, Onga pumps and a wide range of mowers and engineering supplies. Keen to be as innovative and competitive as possible in the marketplace Dunlea Products purchased a robotic welder, the biggest of its type in New Zealand, which has further increased production. The investment in that technology is paying off with the robotic welder doing in 20 minutes, jobs that would take an hour to do manually. The welder operates for 10 hours a day. Dunlea Products is going from strength to strength and is now employing more staff than ever before and expanding its production and product range.