ShopKaikōura, in its 2020 reboot format, is a business listings website. 

2016 History

In its first iteration in 2016, it was a way for out of town shoppers to help quake-hit retailers survive the economic hit by having the road closed and tourism stop suddenly on the eve of what would have been a bumper season.

ShopKaikōura was started by Ina Kinski with the help of many volunteers as a response to the economic impact on retail businesses in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquakes. Huba Nagy was one of them: creating and maintaining the second iteration of this website from Christchurch. Unbelievably, Huba and Ina have only met in person in 2019. Both continue to work in technology in Dunedin, Christchurch or Wellington.

How It Worked

You were able to book a time on appointment booking software Timely with one of our fun, local personal shoppers –  free & zero obligation. Then agree on a video or photo sharing method and start your #shopkaikoura experience.

Payment was simple, dealing directly with the shop owner – like you would when shopping anywhere else. From there customers could arrange gift wrapping, postal addresses and delivery of receipts with their shopper.